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USA, San Francisco, Artisan cafe dining at Thoroughbread and Pastry

09 Oct 2014 Read 4179 times

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s chic and vibrant Castro neighborhood, Thoroughbread and Pastry provides an eclectic atmosphere that’s all its own. Situated on the corner of Church and Market, the independently owned coffee shop offers a variety of artisan french pastries, sandwiches, and hand crafted coffee drinks. Their tarts and croissants, which range from an affordable 1.50 to 4.00 dollars, are just as hearty as they are sweet. Dedicated to providing quality goods and upholding the philosophy of artisan baking, which “involves taking the time to complete all of the processes, from scaling and mixing to baking and cooling and all of the steps in between, without taking shortcuts,” Thoroughbread’s team of amiable and eccentric bakers make each individual pastry directly behind the counter--proudly displaying their culinary skills and devotion to their craft.
Aside from its selection of decadent and affordable baked goods, another inviting aspect of Thoroughbread is its backyard patio area, which is adorned with hand-painted murals and shrouded by lush, overgrown trees. Its rustic atmosphere attracts a variety of next door neighbors and first time visitors, who usually come through for a quick bite to eat or afternoon read. Since Thoroughbread is located directly across from Aardvark, the neighborhood’s new and used bookstore, patrons are often seen with a Cafe au Lait and a vintage crime novel in hand. Overall, the quality service and easy going atmosphere that Thoroughbread provides is what makes it such a popular neighborhood hangout--so whether you’re looking for a spot to read, relax, or recuperate from a long night spent at the local gay bars,Thoroughbread’s got you covered. For more information on Thoroughbread’s location and hours of operation, check them out at


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