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Reviews International: Accommodation, Travel and Restaurant Guide

31 Jul 2011 Read 12318 times

Reviews International is an independent travel guide to the discovering the best in international holiday accommodation, travel packages and dining experiences, written by professional globetrotters with the view to helping you get the most out of your holiday budget and time.

Every aspect of the holiday experience is observed and recorded so that you can make astute decisions about where to stay and what to do and what to eat when you get there. Whether you wish to stay in luxury and opulence of the world's best resorts and spas, or you dream of the adventure of life on the cheap and are looking for interesting, out of the way budget accommodation or backpackers lodges and camping, Reviews International can give you that important and  valuable glimpse of the real experience.

Get savvy about the best places to stay at your travel destination and the best restaurants. Our reviews will help you get the best out of your visit and help you plan your successful travel itinery in advance. We make all the mistakes for you!

Our experienced writers will give you an appraisal of what it feels like to stay, list all the pros and cons and help you make informed decisions when prebooking your hotel room, resort accommodation, adventure holiday or tour package.

Make your dream holiday a reality! Avoid disappointment and dodge the pitfalls of the uninformed. Get the most out of your hard earned tourist dollars.

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Barry Ferrier

Dr. Barry Ferrier is a travel writer, academic and musician based in Byron Bay, Australia.




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